You’re lying to yourself

We often lie to ourselves to help justify our actions. It’s a natural human response to protect the ego.

Here’s the thing though… We all have one life to live and a finite amount of time on this earth. Our experiences help shape our reality and help us identify what we would like to accomplish while we’re here. With that being said, there are endless distractions that occupy our time, energy, and end up derailing us from prioritizing our mission. Treat yourself better, be honest with yourself, and take the measures to ensure that you execute. 


This is an obvious one.  It’s amazing that two people can have the same goal, work out for the same amount of time and frequency, and have such a disparity in results.

What does it come down to? Who wants it more.

The person that gets the results exhibits behavour like:

  • Hiring a personal trainer
  • Reading fitness books,
  • Following fitness blogs
  • Holding themselves accountable to following a workout routine designed for their goals.

They take action and focus on tasks that will propel them towards their destination. 

The other individual is a chicken with it’s head cut off. No direction, going through the motions, justifying this behaviour by engaging in self talk like:

  • At least I made it to the gym today
  • I’ll try harder tomorrow
  • I’m not feeling it today

Let’s call a spade a spade. This is a loser mentality that will put you in the passenger seat of your own life.  

Push yourself. Every single action should be purposeful and  impactful. Be the main character in the script about your life.


Develop ability

Learn by doing.   Learn by reading about those who have already done.  Apply your learning and constantly evaluate its efficacy.  This is the formula to developing an above average ability in your craft.

It’s not rocket science.  Remember the sauce contains:

  • Trial and error
  • Courses and expert books
  • Reflection and constant improvement
Develop confidence

If you aren’t confident in your own ability then don’t expect anyone else to compensate for that on your behalf.  Belief shapes your reality.  Perception is everything. For example, if you believe everyone is out to get you, you will appear less approachable among other things, and your quality of relationships may be on par with your relationship with those who actually have negative intentions.

Take risks. 

Nobody ever achieved anything worth bragging about by playing it safe. 

  • Get to the point where you can take the more aggressive commission structure and generate your own leads
  • Call a meeting with your boss and position yourself for the next promotion
  • Create that side business that you’ve been talking about

Everyone has a comfort zone and it’s important to stay out of it.  Remember, success consists of a goal with a deadline, with a plan that requires constant action.  Now go get yours.  Time to Win Big!