Summer is Over. Essential Pieces for Fall 2017

Moving into October and putting another legendary summer behind us, we wanted to reflect on the past few months and prepare for Fall 2017. 

We hope that you knocked off at least a couple of the following:

Celebrate past successes: Take a minute to celebrate accomplishments.  Get out to that Vegas Pool Party if you hit your sales target.  If you’re going to celebrate anything you should do it right and do it big.  Most importantly, make sure that this success is repeatable.  Plot out the next 12 months, create a checklist, and hold yourself accountable.

Conquer a new country: If you haven’t already figured this one out then we will go ahead and let you in on it. Vacations should be about new experiences and making efforts to understand the world better each year.  Don’t fall victim to the fallacy that you need a get away from your current life and park it at an all inclusive for a week. Live a life you don’t need to escape from.

Try something new:  If you haven’t already read productivity and distractions then go do that now.  The key message is that it’s very important to be consistently creating, learning, and trying new things and we hope you had the chance to do so this summer.

So now that we’ve finished reflecting on summer, its time to put the shorts and loafers away until 2018 and shift gears.  In efforts to maintain the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build, we recommend not being the guy wearing summer clothes to the office on dress down Friday’s.

Perfect timing to focus on some new additions to the wardrobe to impress this Fall.

Here are some Essential Pieces for Fall 2017.

Chelsea bootsIs it even fall if you haven’t dusted off the Chelsea’s? 

You need to get on this train immediately. Like we’ve said in learn to pay full price, you have to pay to play. Steve Madden would be our top pick in the low end and Ted Baker if you’re looking for something with some flare.

Fall edition Chino’s – Put away the summer colors and pick up some  neutral tones.

This pickup will give you some versatility; whether it’s a former setting or something more laid back. Pick up some jogger chinos or regular chinos.

Bomber Jacket – The Star on top of the Christmas Tree for men’s fashion.

Bombers make even a simple white tee and denim look complete.  They could even make the Kardashian family look well put together.  That’d be impossible, but nonetheless, a nice finishing touch in any fall wardrobe.

Galoshes – Premature but extremely necessary.

Have you seen what snow and salt will do to a dress shoe? Save them from a painful death and cover that shit up with some galoshes (We recommend Swims over Moneysworth).

You’re the ambassador to your own brand.  Represent the brand well and make sure you execute on some of the items we’ve listed for you.   It’s Time to Win Big and look good doing it!