Success & Opinions

It’s okay to discuss your victories and realities and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Since when did silence become a virtue?

There is a very big difference between generally speaking and speaking obnoxiously and the two are often considered synonymous in this world of insecurity that we live in.

I’ve noticed society is getting it wrong…. The reaction to success, achievement, and above average talent in particular.

Think of:

  • The Lebron James haters
  • The “I could do that too” but a life of inertia individuals
  • The individuals who try and bring you down

Other people’s success or achievement SHOULD NOT result in jealousy or feelings of inadequacy.  Can you imagine watching the best basketball player to play the game and being too bitter to appreciate his craft.

Let’s take a Lebron James as an example.  A guy who:

  • Had no father, education, training and few role models
  • Was handed $420K per week at the age of 18
  • Married his high school sweetheart, never arrested, never used drugs
  • Never in the news with any negativity
  • Great father, very involved with kids, BEST player on the planet
  • 14 years later, Same guy, same maturity, Same wife, same family
  • Has sent 1100+ kids to college fully paid for.

Think about that for a minute.  Does it make sense yet?

Displays of greatness, success, or achievement SHOULD spark inspiration.  If it doesn’t, it’s simply because you believe it to be unattainable for yourself.  And in order to protect your ego you have to lie to yourself; tell yourself that luck or some external force is responsible.  Whatever you believe becomes your reality so believe wisely.

On the topic of opinions… they are like currencies.  They may be worth something but each hold a different value.  And like any sound investment, it’s better to not overvalue something that is next to worthless.  So if you have something going your way lately, celebrate it. Because nobody else will.