Self Awareness & Accountability

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Can you imagine spending 18 years(education) of your life working towards a goal that never materialized but could’ve? Be honest, it would suck. That’s a lot of time.  Unfortunately in your life you will have to watch people go through this process and waste their time .  They will also be in shock trying to figure out why things didn’t work out.  Fortunately for you, you can control the controllable and ensure that you yourself are not one of these people.

We all have goals.  For the purpose of this post let’s call our goals destinations.  Everything you’ve done up until right now should have been attempts to get you closer to this destination.  I’m a firm believer in making sure you have fun along the way, but there is nothing more important than making sure that you are en route and passing the very important check points of life.

Some of these checkpoints include:

  • Career Progression – in the right roles at the right companies
  • Professional Development -always learning/designations
  • Soft Skill Development – communication skills, presentation skills, problem solving, and sales skills

Sales skills are often overlooked.  Every situation or interaction is sales and  someone is either doing the selling or they are getting sold.

  • When you’re in a job interview – selling yourself
  • When you’re in a bar talking to girls – selling yourself
  • Convincing your friends to take a specific vacation – selling the idea
  • Why you should keep reading this post – don’t you want to get better?

You can’t escape it so you might as well be good at it.  For the purpose of the post, I think a great starting point is focusing on self awareness and accountability.

Self awareness & Accountability

Don’t be this guy 

The GIF in the post is a chicken with its head cut off and it’s there for a reason.  We equate someone who wakes up everyday and does the 9-5 that doesn’t relate to their goals as a sibling of this chicken.

  • No meaning or direction
  • No end destination
  • No micro goals to help them stay motivated
  • Wasting time and energy

Life is meant to have meaning and the absence of both passion and the pursuit of a goal creates a decent enough gap in the “meaning” category.

You have to find time to evaluate if your efforts are propelling you forward on your path.  This means something different to everyone.

  • It could be as simple as evaluating the effectiveness of your last sales call or your last client meeting.
  • Or changing your response to “Walk me through your resume” in your next interview.
  • Or reaching out to people on LinkedIn in your industry and asking them questions about their successes or insights.

The bottom line is: The sooner the better; if you need to make adjustments to your daily approach, do it now.  Time is of the essence and efficiency is your friend.

One of the most under rated abilities?

You have to be able to call yourself out.

We often find our unconscious minds lying to ourselves and making excuses for falling short or going astray.  Be honest with yourself and make adjustments.  I talked about this in the my 2018 kick off post.  If you need someone to help hold you accountable then reach out to a family member, close friend, or significant other.

This is the best time to be alive.  We’ve never had such easy access to information to learn and grow.  Use this to your advantage and make sure you’re on your way to your destination.  It’s Time to Win Big!