5 Things They Never Told You in School

Career advice for young professionals

“Enjoy college it’s the best time of your life”.  If you ever hear this quote we recommend slapping the person who said it to you.  College is one of the primary steps in building the foundation of your success and a desired lifestyle for your family.  Chances are you’ve probably receive bad advice from family members or bitter members of the older generations stemming from unfulfilled dreams and potential.  Before you take action, let’s consider what wasn’t said in those conversations.  Here’s 5 things that nobody is telling you about:

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Other People’s Money

Other People’s Money

Financial Advice for Young Professionals

Leverage… It’s a beautiful thing, but can also be a double edged sword. Let’s look at our beloved President Trump as an example.  In the 90’s his annual loan payments were $300 million, with personal debt of just shy of $1B and debt within his organization amounting to $9B.  It would be foolish to only consider the liabilities on the balance sheet of this real estate mogul.  What are we getting at here? It’s simple; it takes money to make money.

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