One of Everything

John gets an interview at a large asset management shop.  The interview goes great, the Managing Director, Peter walks John out to the hallway and the elevators.  John goes to put on his overcoat which he’s been wearing for the past 4 years and it looks like it’s a prop from “The Revenant”(Google it if you haven’t seen it).  John doesn’t get the job… Who’s surprised?


If you’re not leaving a good first impression you will fail.  We don’t know when.  It might today or tomorrow.  What we do know is behaviours and outcomes.  Human beings take one tenth of a second to judge someone and make a first impression.   There are factors like race, age, and culture that you cannot control.  The way that you dress is not one of these factors.

We’re firm believers in the ideology of “Have One Nice Thing of Everything”. Control the controllable.  We’ve all heard the generic phrase, Dress for the Job You Want.  While there’s some truth to it, we strongly believe you should dress for success.  Part of that means having one nice thing of everything.  Are we saying go out and buy a Rolex Submariner with your first cheque? No; maybe after bonus night, but have one nice watch.

  1.  Shoes: You can go to Aldo every 3 months and buy the same $90 dress shoes that don’t last. Cost $360/year. We recommend spending the $360 on a nice pair of shoes with replaceable soles that will last you a couple years (Allen Edmonds).

Allen Edmonds

Or if you’re not comfortable with that price point then these will do.

Cole Haan

  • Ties: A Salvatore Ferragamo tie will make the cheapest navy suit look like a million dollars…have one in the collection.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Ties

    • Watches: Both the Visodate and Jazzmaster are great starter time pieces that scream “I appreciate fine things” and will welcome you into the ‘secret handshake’ world of fine watches without breaking the bank.

    Tissot Visodate

    Hamilton Jazzmaster

    We’re not advocating to spend money you don’t have.  We’re simply saying be prepared.  They say luck is what happens to those who prepare for opportunity.  10% of people who read this post will seize the opportunity.  That same 10% will experience greater success than those who didn’t.  Do yourself a favour and join the 10%.