Learn to Pay Full Price

It will save you in the end.

Well doesn’t this just apply to every aspect of life? You’ve probably searched for discounts on hotels or discounts on flights in the past year.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all.  This way of thinking isn’t just limited to purchasing goods or services.

It can also be applied to the effort we put in on a daily basis to get a desired result.  It’s our first instinct to exert the least amount of effort to get the maximum result or find a shortcut to get to where we want to be faster.  Here’s a secret: there are no shortcuts.

We’ve talked about this in One of Everything.  You can buy cheap shoes 4 times a year or you can buy more expensive quality shoes that will last you several years.  Mental accounting is how we rationalize our spending behavior to ourselves (time & money).  Maybe you’re only willing to spend $100 on Nike running shoes.  What if the running shoes selling for $125 were going to last twice as long and were three times as comfortable?  It’s important to consider the facts and improve our mental accounting constantly.

If you truly want something, all of your actions should be contributions getting you one step closer to your goal.

Here are two examples:

  1. You want to pass a course to obtain a designation in your respective industry. There are several prep courses but you skimp out and self-study despite the fact you’ve already failed once.  Time is money, think of all the additional time you are spending to study for the 2nd and 3rd time writing.
  2. You want to get fit. Maybe you work out a few days a week at a moderate intensity but we all know that diet is the most important function of weight loss which you continuously neglect.  You don’t get the results you’re looking for and don’t understand why.

It’s time to pay full price, put in the required work, and receive the quality that you’re seeking.

You need to change the following:

  • Alter your “self-talk”
  • Change the way you perceive life’s challenges
  • Take back control of your attention
  • Change the way you think about money
  • Change the way you live

Oh we almost forgot… Here’s a book written by Mike Cernovich called Gorilla Mindset which addresses all of these areas.  Are your regular habits not getting you to where you want to be? Click the link below and read this book today.

Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions and Live Life on Your Terms