How to deal with stress: Finding the sweet spot

We’ve all experienced stress at some point in our life. Think of stress as 40 pound ankle weights.. it makes doing regular tasks more difficult if you don’t manage it right.

While stress is inconvenient, it is a necessary evil if you are going to push yourself to the next level. Too little stress should almost cause stress due to stagnation. Too much stress will cause you to burn out, become easily irritated and unable to operate at full potential.

We wanted to discuss the sweet spot which is somewhere in the middle of the chart we listed above. You want to be dealing with just enough stress that it pushes you to keep going. We recognize stress can also be a hindrance so here are three ways to improve your stress management so that you can cope and maintain maximum efficiency.

Stress Management

Self talk

We have a tendency to be our own worst critics. Often times, we magnify the negativity from situations and interactions that we experience on a daily basis. It’s extremely important to acknowledge this fact and make sure to combat this tendency with some positivity.
Focus on the positives, or what went right in a given situation. Even if you have experienced something negative, ensure you are using self talk to preserve your mind state and put a positive spin on it. The absolute worst thing you can do is beat yourself up after you experience a set back. Go easy on yourself.

Next time something bad happens, remind yourself that:

  1. You are probably making the situation into a bigger deal than it actually is.
  2. No matter the circumstance, you can bounce back even stronger.
  3. You won’t be dwelling on this incident a year from now so move forward.

Remind yourself of the accomplishments and things you have done right and watch it change your state.


Is the glass half full or half empty? We talked about self-talk… Well framig is a variation of that. We know that when you focus on negativity that your body language changes (start to sulk, tense up, and become generally closed off) and your mindset changes (increased anxiety, fear, and doubt) which reduces your ability To Win Big.

Once you’re aware and able to recognize negative thinking patterns, use self talk and framing as tools to disarm this negativity and change your frame of mind to a more positive state.

Here are three examples:

  1. Is this presentation tomorrow an opportunity for you to showcase yourself or is it a lot of work that you’re not looking forward to doing?
  2. Are you dragging yourself to the gym when you”d rather be at home or is this a chance to get healthier and see how strong or how fast you can push yourself.
  3. Are you wasting 2 hours cooking a meal or are you controlling the ingredients and calories that you’re eating to make sure your’re eating clean?


Meditation is a very important tool to make sure you don’t lose your mind as you continue to climb and improve. Allow yourself some time each day to just shut down and let your brain recharge. We’re constantly thinking of what’s happening in our lives, checking smart phones, listening to various media outlets (TV and Music) and unplugging from all of these things couldn’t be more important.

  1. Turn off all electronics
  2. Sit in an up right position
  3. Focus on your breathing with your eyes closed
  4. Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals you set out over the next 12-24 months

It’s that simple…

If we haven’t convinced you in  Learn to Pay Full Price, you need to read Gorilla Mindset.  The first three chapters go into detail on the 3 tools we’ve discussed above.  It’s important that you use these tools because It’s Time to Win Big!


If there’s one thing you take away from this post it’s that you should be talking to yourself like Diddy.