You’re lying to yourself

We often lie to ourselves to help justify our actions. It’s a natural human response to protect the ego.

Here’s the thing though… We all have one life to live and a finite amount of time on this earth. Our experiences help shape our reality and help us identify what we would like to accomplish while we’re here. With that being said, there are endless distractions that occupy our time, energy, and end up derailing us from prioritizing our mission. Treat yourself better, be honest with yourself, and take the measures to ensure that you execute. 

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Self Awareness & Accountability

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Can you imagine spending 18 years(education) of your life working towards a goal that never materialized but could’ve? Be honest, it would suck. That’s a lot of time.  Unfortunately in your life you will have to watch people go through this process and waste their time .  They will also be in shock trying to figure out why things didn’t work out.  Fortunately for you, you can control the controllable and ensure that you yourself are not one of these people.

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